The Infernal Quest for Responsive Vertical Spacing


I have been charged with a Quest.

Harley, Son of Donald, First of His Name, Director of Creativity, and Lord Viscount of Inlightia, has told me of his Grand Vision.

He seeks to unite All His Designs and Creations in all Their Splendour under a unified Grand Order. What is this Grand Order, you ask?

From henceforth, all Paddings and Margins that look upwards to the Heavens and downwards to the Stygian Plane will grow with each increasing breakpoint, in Dimensions that correspond to the widths of a Grid’s Gutters and Outside Gutters.

“My liege,” I uttered, nay, ejaculated with premature cocksuredness, “’tis but a trivial task. I shall discharge this duty with utmost haste!”

Little did I know, this Journey would lead me on a Path so Treacherous that it will make the likes of Dante flush.

Join me, dear Reader, as I spiral downwards towards the 9 Circles of SASS mixin hell on my Quest for Responsive Vertical Spacing.

~Chapter 1: The Twit’s Bootstrap ~

On that day quite bright and cheery, while I pondered, focused— barely, Over many quaint and curious articles that my Google search bore— Suddenly I got to thinking, why not steal something existing, Bootstrap’s done responsive spacing, having made it long before, “Just add queries to their classes— only this and nothing more.” “Build this from scratch? Pfft. What for?”

(You’re sorely mistaken if you think I’ll continue this post in trochaic octameter.)


Fret not, dear Reader, I shall keep you apprised should I make further progress in this Humble Endeavour. Trudge onward!