About Me

Hi, I’m Stephen.

I’m a front-end developer who dabbles with app & back-end development.

I’m most experienced with front-end tech like JavaScript, ReactJS + Webpack, SASS, CSS, and HTML5.

I’m passionate about back-end and iOS development - especially with languages like Golang, Elixir, Node.js and Swift.

Currently in a innovative, hip digital agency called Inlight - building interesting & ambitious web apps for clients like ahm, SGIO & SGIC Insurance, Cobram Estate, and Chadstone Shopping Centre.

When I’m not building web apps, I’ll be out camping, audiobook-ing (check out my current favourite book), practicing the salsa (rather badly), doing calisthenics, messing with my guitar and practicing Swift.

Not all at once though.

I’ve also worked in product management, growth hacking, business development, digital marketing and sales for amazing tech startups like Zomato, Flippa, and Sitepoint.

If you think I’m a cool guy (I am) that you’d like to work with or just to hang out, shoot me an email at stephenyrkoo@gmail.com.